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The Rotary Club of Hervey Bay City

On the 16th of August, 1984, twenty four business and professional leaders from the Hervey Bay area were presented with a Charter which formed the Rotary Club of Hervey Bay City.

The Charter President was Renzo Bonventi, who will long be remembered as a Foundation Member, in Hervey Bay.   The club’s major focus was towards youth and development of our region, which continues to this very day.  Rotary Hervey Bay has been instrumental in the establishment of the local PCYC, has sponsored dozens of foreign exchanges students, co-sponsors an annual support dinner for new entrant doctors at the hospital, donates toward medical initiatives, and engages dozens of community welfare projects.

Rotary Hervey Bay is part of a worldwide association of Rotary Clubs, known as Rotary International. Consisting of over 31,000 individual clubs across 530 Districts, in 163 countries, membership boasts a collective of more than 1,243,400 Rotarians.  New members are invited to submit an interest in becoming a member, to the Club Secretary, President, or via email to [email protected]

Celebrating involvement since 1984

(Picture of Foundation Members present 23 years after it’s inception)

Lesley Barry became our first female member in September 2006

In Fond Memory

Vale….. Trevor Cecil

Australia Day - Citizen of the Year


Trevor Cecil donated much of his time to many charities.  His contributions to the Hervey Bay Rotary Club, and Local Ambulance Committee Goods Wheel, saw the region receive over 35 years of outstanding service from Trevor.  It has been an honour to have stood beside him.   A Lifetime of Service

An Historical Account of Rotary International

It’s 23rd February, 1905.   The airplane had yet to stay aloft more than a few minutes. The first motion picture theatre had not yet opened. Norway and Sweden were peacefully terminating their union.

On this particular day,  Chicago lawyer,  Paul P. Harris,  called three friends to a meeting.  What he had in mind was a club that would kindle fellowship among members of the business community.  It was the beginnings of an idea that would grow into an International Organisation, founded on the values of kindness, giving and fellowship that Paul Harris experienced growing up.

They hadn’t yet decided to name their group.   As other people joined, the members began to ‘rotate’ their meetings around town.  They would invariably meet at new venues, homes or other members’ places of business, and hence the term “Rotary” was coined.   Being a member of “The Rotary” had begun, from these humble beginnings.

After the friends settled on the club name, a members suggested a wagon wheel design as club emblem, to reinforce the connotations of help and support.  It was the precursor for a familiar cogwheel emblem, now worn by Rotarians across the Globe.   By the end of 1905, the first “Rotary” Club had 30 members.


A second Rotary Club was formed in 1908,  in San Francisco, California.  Then, a third club sprang to life, from across the San Francisco Bay in Oakland, California.  Others followed… in Seattle… Washington… Los Angeles… California… and New York.   Rotary became an International organisation in 1910, when a club was formed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.   By 1912, the organisation was represented on every continent,  and in 1922 the name “Rotary International” was adopted.

What is now “The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International” was first funded by a small endowment, harnessed and nurtured by these four businessmen in 1917.    In 1928, the concept went on to become the “Rotary Foundation”, but only grew modestly for many years.   Then on 27 January 1947,  Paul Harris passed away, and people sent gifts of money to the foundation, in honour of his loving memory. 

In recent years The Rotary Foundation provides humanitarian assistance,  enhanced education services, and promotes international understanding and peace across the world.  Since 1917, contributions to the foundation have totalled more than a billion dollars.

A major source of growth has been created through work by Rotarians, particularly in Asia.  As new Rotary clubs are formed, involvement is being accepted from countries formerly Communist, and many Eastern-bloc nations in Europe. 

Among programs that Rotary has undertaken in recent years, the largest is Polio-Plus.  The goal of this initiative is education about the disease throughout the world.  To achieve this goal,  Rotary works in coalition with the World Health Organisation, and UNICEF, the U.S Centre for Disease Control and Prevention,  and the Task Force for Child Survival and Development.   We supply funds for vaccines, development, community purchases, programs, and the manpower for Polio immunisation in polio-endemic countries.  In association with funding from the Bill Gates Foundation,  Rotary is committed to complete eradication of the Polio disease, from all communities in our world. 


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