Building Goodwill and Peace throughout the World

“Goodwill and Peace” are a top priority on Rotary International’s list of global objectives.   International projects, exchange programs, and humanitarian volunteer work give Rotarians a change contribute in many diverse situations.  Rotary volunteers gain a huge understanding of International Humanitarian issues via these projects, and the communities they serve are sometimes hard to leave behind.   


Pictured:  Utam, a High School Student from Nepal who aspires to be a Medical Doctor, visiting one of his sponsors, Hervey Bay GP, Dr Kerry

BBQ’s & Sausage Sizzle Fundraisers

Hervey Bay Special School - Fundraiser

A BBQ fundraiser for for the local Special School, proudly sponsored and supported by Con Souvlis Betta Electrical Homemakers.  Rod Schwerin, and raffle ticket sales, and a $1000.00 donation by Rotary Hervey Bay, raised $7,600.00 and purchased a vertically adjustable bed


Credit and Thanks goes out to Ian Duxbury and Don Bennetts for their hard work and effort.

Clean up Australia Day

Each year, Rotarians and members of the Public join together on Clean Up Australia Day.   Rotarians form a core construct of volunteers who are dedicated to beautifying our communities, cleaning up waterways, and enhancing the small part of paradise we all live in…   Contact our administration for more details on how you can be involved too…  

Defibrillator for the Hervey Bay RSL

Des Richters (Past President, Rotary Hervey Bay) supplied a potential life saving HeartStart defibrillator donation to Mike McMahon (General Manager, Hervey Bay RSL).  Impressed with the idea of getting defibrillators into populated community locations the RSL General Manager returned the donation in kind…  handing over a cheque to the Hervey Bay City Rotary Club for $3,000, to buy and position more defibrillators around town…   This work now continues to develop and grow.

As a result, staff at each of the stationed locations will participate in training to operate a defibrillator.  Queensland Ambulance Service will assist in certifying employees as qualified to use the equipment, creating ‘first responders’ in the event of a cardiac arrest, throughout the community.   It is common knowledge now, that an on-site defibrillator significantly increases the survival of patients, when used close to the time of a cardiac event.


Thank you to Lesley Barry for all your work on this project.

GSE Exchange from Brazil

RAWCS Trip to Vanuatu

Via Rotary, here is an opportunity to experience tropical living in Tafea Province Vanuatu, a Pacific country village to provide aid for a needy cause.   Rotary became involved in restoration on the Island of Tanna Vanuatu in 2004 when the Lenakel hospital was deemed unusable as a result of devastation caused by cyclones. The project is ongoing. The object is to create ongoing goodwill, skill sharing and task completion enhancing the independence of village personnel. The project is for two weeks between 23 May - 7 June 2008. It can be longer if you wish but two weeks is long enough to make an impact yet not that long that you get sick of it.

The location is Tanna Island which is one of the southern most islands similar in latitude to New Caledonia see map for location of the township of Lenakel. Work is from Monday to Friday as nobody works at the weekends except at the market where baskets of fruit and vegetables are traded. Accommodation in the village is at Lenakel Palms Resort, run by ex Rotarians from Oberon. Reports indicate it is of a high standard all meals, accommodation, and transport are available.

The projects are suitable to Rotarians / partners and / or friends of who have basic DIY type skills and are able to pass their knowledge onto the local technical school students. The team ought to have one qualified tradesman in the group of between 4 - 6 people. Coverage is by Rotary Australia Group Accident and Travel Insurance.

Taskings include refurbishment, quilting, maintenance, sewing, health/hygiene work, and computer/IT activity. First aid requirements will be covered by an adequate first aid kit and a member of the team with current first aid quals.

Don Bennetts Gerry Meier Ted Killer Wilf Conboy

We strongly support RAWCS/Donations In Kind:

We collect library books from The TAFE College which have become surplus to their needs. These include text books on the whole range of subjects as well as novels. This year we expect to move in excess of 12,000 books.
We work closely with Wide Bay Division of Dept. of Health, by collecting ward/hydraulic beds that are being replaced by new electric beds. We help inload the new electric beds once they are tested and tagged and then remove the redundant hydraulic bed once the patient has been moved over. We have so far removed over 90 beds and with the help of the Dept. shipped them to RAWCS/DIK in Brisbane and some have been placed in our local community.
We also collect and ship medical equipment, medical items, consumables and even uniforms that are out dated or otherwise surplus to the Dept’s needs.
We also collect and ship medical equipment, medical items, consumables and even uniforms that are out dated or otherwise surplus to the Dept’s needs.

We build and or rehabilitate wheelchairs:

We salvage old bicycle frames and use the rear forks and handle bars to make a basic wheelchair in conjunction with a basic kit that we get from a Surfers Sunrise Rotary club . We have made in excess of 80 so far and expect to complete another 16 this year. This year we are working in conjunction with The Glendyne Special School by utilising their workshop and willing students to produce these much needed wheelchairs.
We collect conventional wheelchairs and through the talents of one of our members do whatever is necessary to make them functional again. We rebuilt and delivered to RAWCS/DIK 19 chairs last year.
We financially support the Fred Hollows Foundation with a generous donation each year. The funding comes via a collection box that one of our members puts on the counter of his shops.
We collect old spectacle frames through an Optometrist member of ours which are then taken to Bali by a member of our sibling club. Several hundred have been shipped so far.
Our Rotaryannes have a project whereby they assemble what are called Birthing Kits to help Mothers in the wilds of Papua-New Guinea when they are having their babies.
The kits are made up of a ground sheet, 2 nappies, a knife blade, string, soap, safety pins etc. The kits are sent to Lae via RAWCS/DIK in Brisbane where they are distributed by a Rotarian Mr. Ross Humphries to the highland jungles.
We have delivered 1200 of these kits for our Rotaryannes so far.

Donations In Kind

Education Donations

Photo Credit:  Doug

Youth Service

Rotary Youth

It has often been said that youth is our most important resource. We the members of Hervey Bay City Rotary Club, believe this to be true. To back up this belief, this club has channelled a huge amount of time, money & effort towards supporting youth projects over the years.

Projects Rotary has supported include:

Skate Park and BBQ at Seafront Oval

Financing, organisation and design of the P.C.Y.C., Hervey Bay 

Local schools supporting students who have attended:


The Annual Science Summer School


Rotary Youth Leadership Awards


Science forums


Seimans Science Schools


Adventure in Citizenship


R.Y.P.E.N. & R.Y.L.A.

Rotary Hervey Bay has also:


Conducted an Annual Inter-School Oratory Competition


Implemented a Bike Safety Scheme


Set up a Senior College Perpetual Citizenship Award


And provided financial assistance to:

- Primary School Excursions

- Safety House Associations

- The Halfway House Youth Shelter

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) residential seminar week is an opportunity for young women and men from different backgrounds of vocation, cultural, religion, social and academic interests to work together, to exchange experiences and to develop their leadership skills. The Rotary Leadership program includes group sessions and communication skills development as well as opportunities for the acceptance of responsibility. The daily sessions of seminar topics, given by professional presenters, are supplemented by group activities each evening, including a campfire, a bush dance and a formal dinner.

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